PPT on Application Software | 19 Slides

A power point presentation on the topic “Application Software” with a total of 19 slides. Application Software What is an Application Software ? Application Software is a type of computer program that performs specific functions. These functions, performed by application software, can be personal, business as well as educational. Thus, application Software also known as … Read more

PPT on Embedded Processors | 15 Slides presentation

A power point presentation on the topic “Embedded Processors” with a total of 15 slides. Embedded Processors Introduction The system functionality is partitioned into Hardware, Software, and the Interface. Software part runs on programmable processors (embedded processors). Hardware part runs on IP blocks or custom designed Hardware blocks. What is an embedded processor? A programmable … Read more

PPT on Secret Key Cryptography | 18 Slides

A power point presentation on the topic “Secret Key Cryptography” with a total of 18 slides. Secret Key Cryptography Introduction Secret key cryptography is effective for communication over insecure channelsĀ asĀ the piece of information or parameter used helps the information to encrypt and decrypt messages. There are two different keys used for asymmetric encryption in which … Read more

PPT on Embedded Operating System | 14 Slides

A power point presentation on the topic “Embedded Operating System” with a total of 14 slides. Embedded Operating System What is an embedded operating System ? It is a specialized operating system designed to perform a specific task for a device. It is used to run the code that allows the device to do its … Read more