PPT on Independent Expert Validation (IEV)| 10 Slides

A power point presentation on the topic “Independent Expert Validation” with a total of 10 slides. Independent Expert Validation INTRODUCTION It is fifth phase in the principles of High Assurance Software Engineering. High assurance of the software is the belief between user and certifiers that the security policies and functions are properly fulfilled. Increased assurance … Read more

Cryptographic Hashes | PPT on Cryptographic Hashes 10 Slides

A power point presentation on the topic “Cryptographic Hashes ” or Hash function with a total of 10 slides Cryptographic Hashes What is a cryptographic hash? A cryptographic hash function is a hash function that takes an arbitrary block of data as input and returns a fixed-size bit string as output. The returned value is … Read more

Device Drivers | PPT on Device Drivers | 21 Slides

device driver

A power point presentation on the topic “Device Driver” with a total of 21 slides. Device Drivers What is a Device? A device is a piece of hardware that you can program via registers inside the device so the device can perform the specific functionality that you need in your system. What is a Device … Read more

Linker and Locater | PPT on Linker and Locater | 5 slides

linker and locator

Power Point Presentation on Linker and Locater . 5 Slides. Download Linker and Locater A. Linker The next Software Development tool in embedded System is a Linker. The linker is a computer program that links or combines  all the function and files required by the object code and convert object code to executable code/program The … Read more